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EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek at Shout! Factory TV’s Retro-Fest “VHS VAULT”

Calling all VHS fans! Whether you spent your youth wandering the aisles of the local video store in search of classic, new and obscure releases, or even if you’ve more recently begun to ride the wave of the millennial VHS revival and nostalgia for all things ‘80s, the folks at Shout! Factory totally feel ya. So much, in fact, that just in time for Halloween you’ll be able to enjoy some vintage horror and exploitation titles the old-fashioned way: in 4:3 TV aspect ratio, from pan-and-scan VHS sources, and available for free via Shout! Factory TV’s “VHS Vault” programming block.


VHS Vault is kicking off their programming block today, with five titles that once perched on the shelves of video stores back in the day: the outrageous ’83 slasher SLEEPAWAY CAMP, splattery cult classic NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, George A. Romero’s zombie epic DAY OF THE DEAD, sleazy shocker CLASS OF 1984 and Italian ROAD WARRIOR ripoff EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000.


Also included in the block is the acclaimed documentary ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR – the perfect companion piece to a night of lo-fi late night viewing.


You can read up on all the VHS Vault titles via their gloriously cheesy retro website, then hop on over to Shout! Factory TV to watch all five VHS-quality movies (and the documentary, of course) on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Those with Roku boxes or Samsung smart TVs can also use the Shout! Factory TV app.


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