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Are You Brave Enough to Spend a Night at Hotel Crypt?

Some people choose to vacation at the beach. Some like to go camping. Some find comfort and tranquility in darker places. Like crypts. If you are one of those people, check in to the Hotel Crypt. The Hotel Crypt is the only hotel in America in which you can stay in an actual crypt. 

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In 1886, Monsignor Thomas Wallace began construction on the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Lewiston, Maine. The church opened on Christmas in 1890, and Wallace was the priest there until his death in 1907. Because the church was his greatest achievement, he requested he be buried there, so a crypt and mortuary chapel were built for the priest. Wallace was interred there until 2009, when the church closed and he was moved to a cemetery.


In 2014, the rectory was turned into a boutique hotel, and the church is being converted to an event venue. But that single crypt was still there, and empty. Owner Andrew Knight decided to turn the priest’s final resting place (or second-to-final resting place) into a temporary resting place for adventurous travelers.

Except for the addition of furnishings and a few “modern comforts,” the crypt is completely unchanged from when the priest was the resident. Additions include a custom-built pine coffin with “comfortable bedding;” a television with over 60 classic horror movies; a furnished sitting area within the original gated crypt; and a complimentary bottle of Bloodeaux wine.


Because this is an actual crypt, it is not technically permitted to be a hotel room. There is no bathroom and you are not supposed to actually spend the night there. A reservation at the rectory hotel is required and it is recommended that you return to your by 2:00 am. But you can order a “last meal,” a meal for two served to you in the crypt at midnight, and the Hotel Crypt will help you set up a tour of Stephen King’s Maine.

There have been no reports of ghosts in the crypt. 

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