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Save my Ink: This Company Preserves Your Tattoo After You Die!

People spend thousands of dollars and hours on their tattoos, something that is finite. Once you die, that’s it: that art is burned or buried with your loved one. Tattoo artist Charles Hamm didn’t like that option, so he created a new option: “Save My Ink.”

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Save My Ink is a service provided by the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art. If you sign up for a membership with NAPSA, one of the benefits is tattoo preservation. You name a Final Wish Beneficiary, who must notify NAPSA within 18 hours of the member’s death. NAPSA sends a removal package with instructions (don’t worry; this is usually handled by the funeral home). Place the tattooed skin in a temporary preservation formula and send it back to NAPSA within 60 hours, and they will get to work.tattoo5

NAPSA’s “proprietary process is essentially a chemical and enzymatic process that permanently alters the chemical structure of the substrate, thereby permanently fixing it against decomposition, while preserving the integrity of the art. The final product is non-toxic and safe to handle.” In case you want to caress your loved one’s skin. Additionally, “this process rejuvenates the art and brings it back to essentially its original look.” 

The preserved tattoo does not resemble an Ed Gein lampshade (which might be good news for some; bad news for others). They are tastefully framed and by the time the process is done, the skin is pale and smooth. Most visitors to your home probably wouldn’t notice that it is a piece of skin on your wall.

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