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5 Terrifyingly Scary Flicks Now Streaming on Netflix Instant!

Halloween is almost upon us, and this week we curated a list of the 5 supremely scary films currently streaming on Netflix Instant. Be warned.  Be you into aliens, ghosts, or torture- these selections bite back!

THE BABADOOK (2014)- THE BABADOOK topped endless “best of the year” lists for 2014. If you have not yet seen this fantastic tale of a terrifying childhood book character come to life, be sure check out while it’s streaming on Netflix Instant!

The Babadook


DARK SKIES (2013)- This is an alien film, but it utilizes a haunted house structure with a family first experiencing frightening occurrences at home before realizing that other world beings may be at play. Expect creepy set-ups and phenomenal jump scares.



THE CANAL (2014)-Distributed last year under the “Shock Till You Drop” film label, in THE CANAL a film archivist uncovers evidence that his home was once the site of a grisly murder. His life begins to eerily unravel as history seems doomed to repeat itself.



SAW (2004)- Yes! The original SAW film is streaming on Netflix Instant. Now is the perfect season to revisit this horror cannon that not only created an entire franchise, but also helped spark the entire “torture porn” sub-genre.



BENEATH (2013)- This was a festival darling from a few years back. A group of miners are trapped far below in a cave-in. They soon become aware that something or someone else is down there with them. If you are even slightly claustrophobic, this film will traumatize your senses.