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Seven Unusual Examples of WALKING DEAD Merchandise

With any cultural phenomenon there comes a barrage of merchandise. Some of it expected (t-shirts, posters, action figures) and some of it… well, some of it is just strange. The biggest cultural phenomenon in the last five-plus years is easily THE WALKING DEAD. As you wait for the next Season 6 episode, take a moment to enjoy some of the most unique, peculiar, and bizarre TWD merchandise we were able to find.

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Dale’s RV Construction Set

Build your very own version of Dale’s RV. This set contains 468 interlocking bricks, a Dale figure, and several zombie figures so you can stage your own attack. No word on whether or not it comes with that ripe, unwashed RV smell.


Walking Dead Slim Jims

The package promises they are “steak strips.” The flavor is “carnage asada.” I don’t know that I would ever eat zombie-themed beef jerky.


Rick Grimes Bathrobe

Rather than making a robe to mimic the look of the iconic zombies, they make a robe that makes you look like you are wearing a full sheriff’s uniform. Without the pants. Because that would be silly.


Zombie String Lights

Nothing livens up a party like a bunch of rotting, disembodied zombie heads on a string.


Chocolate Pudding Lunch Bag

In episode 409, after a close call with a walker, young Carl finds a 112-oz can of chocolate pudding. He sits down and eats the entire can in a single sitting. To celebrate Carl’s victory over the pudding, you can carry your lunch in a replica pudding can. This lunch tote is the same size as that massive can of pudding, but pudding is not included.


Team Merle Lip Gloss

There are several things I do not associate with lip gloss: THE WALKING DEAD. Zombies. Merle Dixon. And yet, here is this WALKING DEAD-inspired lip gloss, named for the one-handed redneck zombie. Bonus: it is smoked-chicken-and-waffle-flavored.



Just because credit is a thing of the past in THE WALKING DEAD doesn’t mean it can’t be celebrated in real life. Besides, this debit card is much more badass than a Hello Kitty card.