The 13th Floor

Unlock a Bloody Hidden Clip From Eli Roth’s Interactive Slasher CHAINSAW!

Billed as an “interactive digital story,” CHAINSAW is coming soon to the recently-launched digital network CryptTV. Co-founders Eli Roth and Jack Davis, in a partnership with Blumhouse Productions and Culprit Creative, want to give you a terrifying preview… and invite you to take part in controlling the story’s outcome.


The project involves an ominous, hulking maniac stalking the patrons of a Halloween haunt attraction with the title instrument of death. CHAINSAW enables fans to “build the next iconic slasher” by building a backstory for the killer, and even guiding the outcome of the tale on its path to becoming a full-length feature. All ideas submitted to the team will be reviewed by Eli Roth and Culprit Creative, and participants will receive regular email updates on the story’s progress.

You can unlock an exclusive preview clip by visiting and entering your name and email address… and do it ASAP, because it’s only available today. When the site’s countdown clock runs out, the clip will no longer be accessible.