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New York Comic-Con 2015: The Coolest Exclusive Horror Toys!

It seems like very few weekends go by where Wizard World isn’t hosting a Comic-Con somewhere in the country, but the two big ones are undoubtedly San Diego Comic-Con, in the summer, and New York Comic-Con, in the fall. This past weekend, thousands of fans packed into New York’s Javits Center to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the annual event, while the rest of the world sat back in their computer chairs and took it all in via the world wide web – it’s a great time to be a shut-in, isn’t it?

For a toy geek like myself, one of the highlights of every New York Comic-Con is not just all the new action figures companies like NECA and Funko show off, but also the exclusive toys they put up for grabs at the event. Often available in limited numbers, on a first come, first serve basis, these con exclusive toys become more and more popular each year, often hitting eBay for inflated prices almost immediately after stock has been depleted. And this year’s NYCC was certainly no exception.

Today, we bring the show to you. Check out all of this year’s coolest NYCC Exclusive horror toys!

nycc 1

The partnership between Super7 and Funko has resulted in the creation of the ‘ReAction Figures’ toy line, which has been a real treat for horror fans. At SDCC this year they brought along a Universal Monsters set that included a crypt and glowing blue figures of several of the icons, and at NYCC they debuted this green-colored variant — including Frank, his Bride, the Creature, and the Invisible Man.

nycc 2

Speaking of the Universal Monsters, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon got the black and white treatment from Funko for these 3 3/4″ Re-Action Figures. All three characters have several different variants in the line, including colored versions, a flocked hair Wolf Man, and a glow-in-the-dark Creature. These are the first to be movie-faithful, due to lack of color.

nycc 3

The origins of the ReAction line date back to 1979, believe it or not, when Kenner whipped up unreleased prototypes of an ALIEN toy line. They served as the inspiration for the retro-style ReAction line, and the rest is history. The latest additions to the ever-expanding ALIEN collection include a Nostromo Crew 3-pack (Dallas, Kane and Lambert) and a super cool blood-red Xenomorph figure.

nycc 4

A few of the legendary Godzilla suit performers greeted fans at this year’s New York Comic-Con, and in celebration of their arrival in the Big Apple, Toy Tokyo teamed with Funko for a set of two exclusive Godzilla POP! vinyl toys. Larger than normal toys in the POP! line, at 6″ tall, the exclusive offerings were of the black & white and ‘Ghost Glow’ varieties. The standard version of the toy is out later this year.

nycc 5

H.P. Lovecraft’s most enduring creation is of course tentacle monster Cthulhu, whose fanbase seems to grow with each passing year – despite the fact that almost everyone finds it impossible to pronounce his name. Standard and glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu POP! toys have recently seen release, and at NYCC Funko put up for grabs this “Patina” variant – looking like a bronze statue. Definitely the coolest of the three.

nycc 6

Another company Funko recently partnered with was Vinyl Sugar, joining forces for a line called Vinyl Idolz. Shaun and Ed from horror-comedy SHAUN OF THE DEAD were two of the first to join the line, the toys due out sometime this month. These NYCC Exclusive bloody variants are a bit different, as not only are the guys covered in blood, but Ed is depicted as a human – in the standard version, he’s a zombie.

nycc 7

A similarly blood-covered variant of THE WALKING DEAD’s Daryl Dixon Vinyl Idolz toy was also available at NYCC.

nycc 8

Taking a page out of Funko’s playbook, Titan Vinyl Figures recently put out a line of blind-packaged GHOSTBUSTERS mini figures, measuring 3″ tall and including everyone from the ghost-busting quartet to the Keymaster and even Janine and one of those nasty Terror Dogs. Slimer is of course also in the line, and NYCC attendees were able to exclusively get their hands on this awesome translucent variant.

nycc 9

Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys immortalized monster-slaying comic book badass Cassie Hack as a 9″ PVC statue, standing atop a giant axe head and wielding a spiked baseball bat. That original statue saw Hack dressed in blue and gray, and Diamond Select’s NYCC 2015 Exclusive variant swapped out the blue for a much more eye-catching red. A definite must-own, for all fans of Tim Seeley’s comic series HACK/SLASH.

Did you attend NYCC this year? If so, did you pick up any of these awesome exclusives?