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EVIL DEAD II As Retold By Claymation Cats

EVIL DEAD II is my favorite movie of all time. So pretty much anything with the words “evil” and “dead” and “2” in it and I’m sold.

So naturally my buddy Josh Obershaw forwarded over this video that’s been floating around the interwebs since the summer of 2012, but which I’m only now discovering. EVIL DEAD II, recreated in claymation. With cats.

Seeing is believing, folks!

The video itself was created by writer/director/animator/all-around-artist Lee Hardcastle and he’s been doing a series of excellent claymation shorts on the web for years now. Most recently, you may have seen the GUNSHIP video for “Tech Noir.” He’s also responsible for the ABC’S OF DEATH short “T Is For Toilet.”

Either way, you should subscribe and check out his You Tube page, where you’ll find similar claymation tributes to things like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE THING, THE RAID, THE EXORCIST and even the hypothetical “Quentin Tarantino’s GHOSTBUSTERS.”

Find Lee on You Tube, his official website and Twitter!


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