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Check Out This HALLOWEEN Exhibit Behind The Actual Myers House!

One of the fun aspects for me of living within driving distance of South Pasadena is that at any given moment, I can hop in my car and in under 25 minutes visit a lot of the original shooting locations from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. I know this will sound weird, but visiting the spots from one of my all time favorite movies feels kind of like “going home.”

Just about every October, horror fans from all over the world make the pilgrimage to stand in front of the Myers house or visit the hardware store or Laurie Strode’s place or just to stand behind the same infamous “bush” that Michael Myers stood behind.


The Myers house was originally located on 709 Meridian Ave until that whole section of the block was converted into condominiums, but thankfully South Pasadena councilman David Margrave recognized the historic importance of the Myers house, purchased it for $1 silver dollar (!) and had it moved one block away to 1000 Mission Street where it currently resides.

News to me is that the house directly behind the Myers house has been converted into a new art gallery! And fittingly enough, the month of October, they’re showcasing their slightly more macabre art and photography to fit in perfectly with the holiday season.

Located on 810 Meridian Ave in South Pasadena, Sugar Mynt Gallery is spending the month of October showcasing some of the amazing photography from Kim Gottlieb-Walker, who earlier this year released the book “On Set With John Carpenter;” an incredible visual diary of the behind the scenes on some of Carpenter’s most celebrated features. The fun of seeing these pics displayed in this particular gallery is that you’re within a 5 block radius of where a lot of them took place.

And for the opening reception which took place Saturday October 3rd, a screen was struck up to the side of the gallery, which also happens to be the back of the Myers house and the original classic was projected. That’s right, for one night only, HALLOWEEN actually played on the back of the Myers house.

We’ve got a full image gallery below to give you a taste of what the reception was like, but the exhibit is open all month, so if you’re in the area, make the effort to check it out!

Be sure to visit the Sugar Mynt Gallery, located at 810 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030. Or visit them on their official site or Facebook page


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