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A Trailer for JAWS 19 Exists, and It’s Crazier Than You Imagined

Attention JAWS and BACK TO THE FUTURE fans: remember the literally in-your-face “Holomax” marquee that ambushes Marty in BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, promoting the imaginary sequel JAWS 19? If you missed that, here’s a recap of that scene:

Now that we’re on the same page, that’s pretty much all the setup you need for this hilarious mock trailer for the movie that hopefully will never be coming to a theater near you (but then again, you never know these days).

The trailer is fully endorsed by Universal Pictures, who launched it with a wink and a smile on their own YouTube channel today to help commemorate the upcoming “BACK TO THE FUTURE Day” (October 21st, 2015). There’s even a poster!