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DIY Horror: Pumpkins and Power Tools

I was never very good at art. As a matter of fact, I sucked at it and still do. But I love construction and power tools. I also love making horror crafts! Together, these two passions have led me to create endless amounts of DIY horror crafts. I make horror décor…to the extreme! Break out your drywall saws and glitter. It’s craft time!

Finally fall is here. Time to drink a pumpkin latte while eating pumpkin cookies and carving pumpkins. Pumpkins, f*ck yeah! I had read on a few other craft blogs about people trying different techniques for pumpkin carving. The two I’m attempting here are the “cookie cutter method” and the “power drill method”. Note- I have never tried these before, so there are lessons learned along the way. Let’s start with some cookie cutter action.

How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Cookie Cutter

What you need: a real pumpkin, metal cookie cutter, pliers, knife, and a rubber mallet

I had seen this done on some Martha Stewart-esque site originally. Though I sometimes work with “craft pumpkins” made of foam plastic, for this one I recommend using a real pumpkin. The flesh is a bit softer and easier to push the cookie cutter into.

Stick a candle in it, and enjoy. Tip: to prolong the life of your pumpkin, place a few silica gel packs inside. These are the “do not eat” packets that you get when you buy new shoes, purses, etc. They absorb crazy amounts of moisture and will keep your pumpkin from decaying.

How Carve a Pumpkin with a Power Drill aka Pumpkin Drilling

In the original blog post I read about this on, the person had made pointillism style portraits on a pumpkin using various sizes of drill bits. A quick google search of “pumpkin drilling” will garner plenty of lovely results of what possibilities a drill/pumpkin hold. I opted for straight polka dots.

You can do the power drill technique with just about any image! Check out this blog below which shows how to create STAR WARS pumpkins with a drill.

Have an epic pumpkin creation or another craft I should try? Send me an email-


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