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John Carpenter’s First Live Music Performance Is Scheduled… For Iceland!

We’ve all been ecstatic since horror legend-turned-rockstar John Carpenter released LOST THEMES, the filmmaker/composer’s first album of entirely new compositions, and our mania was further fueled by his announcements of both a follow-up record, new artist collaborations… and just maybe a few actual live shows.

Well, you can scratch the “maybe” part, because we’ve just learned that Carpenter has made it official: his first announced live music gig will be in an appropriately dramatic location – in Keflavík, Iceland, the site of a former NATO base.


The performance will be the highlight of the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival, which will run from July 1-3 of 2016. ATP has previously been host to live concerts from another iconic composer, Ennio Morricone (who, as you know, scored Carpenter’s THE THING). Carpenter and his collaborators will take the stage to perform music from a wide range of his classic film scores, cuts from LOST THEMES, and apparently some all-new compositions.

ATP’s Barry Horgan declares “it has been a burning ambition of ours to also present John Carpenter, who is both a pioneer and a huge influence on us and so many great musicians and film-makers that we work with. You’d be fucking crazy to miss this.”

For more information, visit the ATP website… and watch the trailer below!