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HOLLISTON Creator ADAM GREEN Discusses 4 Things to Expect in Season 3

The popular horror-themed TV sitcom HOLLISTON is coming back for a 3rd season! Previously running on the now closed FEARnet station, HOLLISTON spent many months searching for a new home and recovering from the passing of beloved cast member, Dave Brockie (Oderus). But HOLLISTON has found a new home on the GeekNation Network and is currently in rehearsals for a new season of horror hilarity! We caught up with creator/writer/show star Adam Green who let us in on four things fans could expect in the show’s upcoming third season.

1- Oderus will not be replaced.

The beloved intergalactic lead singer of GWAR, Oderus Urungus (played by Dave Brockie), previously appeared regularly on the show as Adam’s imaginary friend who lived in his closet. Sadly, Brockie passed away in March of 2014. The cast and crew of HOLLISTON were deeply affected by Brockie’s passing, and ultimately decided that no one could ever fill Oderus’s very large and spiky shoes. His absence will be addressed in the first episode of season three, and his closet home will remain closed.


2- Expect plenty of rock stars!

HOLLISTON is well-known for featuring endless cameos from horror industry icons, but Green says that season 3 will be brimming with rock and metal music cameos as well!



3- Laura is coming back sooner than anticipated.

The fan favorite character of Laura, played by Laura Ortiz, left for Germany at the end of season 2, but Green reports that she will be returning early in season 3.


4- Adam and Joe may finally make their film project, SHINPADS. However, Green states that it is important to remember that just because the two best friends get along in everyday life does not mean that they can work together with the same effortless comfort. The film project will ultimately cause major turmoil in the duo’s relationship.

HOLLISTON is now in rehearsals for Season 3 and will begin filming early next year. For more information and updates check out HOLLISTON on Facebook at