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Behind-The-Scenes Look At “The Reluctant Hero” In ASH VS EVIL DEAD!

Like every other horror fanatic on the planet, I love the EVIL DEAD series. So I almost can’t believe that after 20 years, Bruce Campbell is returning as Ash for the original 10 part series ASH VS EVIL DEAD. We’ve seen a few trailers emerge since the epic Comic-Con debut. Now, Starz has released a fun little behind-the-scenes video titled “The Reluctant Hero and His Crew,” which gives us a good idea of where Ash is at the top of the series and exactly who his wacky cast of characters will be. That includes fan favorite Lucy Lawless (XENA), Dana DeLorenzo and his new trusty side-kick Ray Santiago.

ASH VS EVIL DEAD premieres on Starz on October 31st, 2015. Halloween night! Keep tabs on the Facebook page for more!