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Haunted Doll of Hakkaido: Its Hair Keeps Growing!

In 1918, a young man bought a doll for his baby sister, Okiku. Clothed in a kimono with a traditional black bob, Okiku loved her doll so much she named it after herself and the two were inseparable. Unfortunately, Okiku became ill and died at age three.

When the family moved in 1938, they were wary of taking the doll with them. Though the doll had never shown any malevolent tendencies, it made them nervous. But if their daughter’s spirit really did live within the doll, they certainly didn’t want to just throw it away. Instead, they gave it to the Mannenji temple, who took it even after being told about the hair. The doll’s hair continued to grow in the hands of the monks and trimming it became a regular chore among the order. 

To this day, Okiku’s haunted doll still resides in a wooden displaybox in the temple, and her hair keeps growing. At one point, a forensic team actually tested the hair, and found it was the hair was human. This is not unusual because back in 1918, dolls were commonly made with human hair. Interestingly enough, Okiku’s doll does not seem to be sinister. Other than the growing hair, there are no reports of the doll moving, making noise, bringing bad luck, mysterious deaths, or any of the other things normally associated with haunted dolls.

Its hair just keeps growing.