The 13th Floor


As mentioned on this week’s episode of Killer POV, one of my horror picks of the week was PLAGA ZOMBIE: ZONA MUTANTE: REVOLUCION TOXICA, a 2011 Argentinian zombie horror comedy! If that title sounds crazy to you, guess what? So is the movie!

I watched it with Graham Skipper (RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, ALMOST HUMAN, THE MIND’S EYE) as a recommendation from “Master of Horror” Stuart Gordon, and the first thing we discovered was that our DVD didn’t have subtitles. Who needs subtitles when you’ve got this kind of passion behind your zombie story? Despite it’s low-budget and low-fi look and vibe, we were immediately struck by the enthusiasm that’s evident in every frame of the movie. It’s like these are the Argentinian versions of us. “These are our people,” Graham noted after the first 5 minutes.

Wanting to learn more about where the hell this crazy movie came from, a quick search on the IMDB revealed several new factoids to us. The first being that this was actually the third part in a trilogy! There’s the short brisk 69 minute original 1997 movie PLAGA ZOMBIE, followed by a 2001 sequel titled PLAGA ZOMBIE: ZONA MUTANTE. And now, REVOLUCION TOXICA is the third (and final?) movie in the series? Not quite, as an American sequel/remake is currently in production and set in New Bedford, Massachusetts titled PLAGA ZOMBIE AMERICAN INVASION!

Check out this trailer to get a taste of what wonderful wackiness this movie holds:

Yes! Zombies. Aliens in zombie bodies. A zombie pet named “Junior.” A TERMINATOR looking robotic alien. And I’ll be damned, a random musical number pops up for no rhyme or reason at the 1 hour 10 minute mark! Listen to us talk about it on the latest Killer POV podcast embedded for your convenience below!